Hydraulic Systems for Wind Power Generation

Hydraulic systems for wind power generation are vital. Wind turbines rely on hydraulics to produce the air density needed for generating electricity. Hydraulics are applicable to all forms of wind technologies, which means they’re a versatile solution for the power needs of wind energy plants.

Hydraulic systems in modern wind turbines are used for brake control, blade rotation regulation/setting, and turning the blades for more wind speed. A hydraulic system that consists of hydraulic hoses and hose assemblies creates a hydraulic drivetrain with a rotor and blades. Small turbines generally have fixed rotor blades, while larger turbines need blades with a pitch. The combination of a hydraulic reservoir, motor, pump, and other equipment ensures the turbine’s blades reach the correct pitch. Hydraulic pitch control and a hydraulic battery can work without an outside power supply, using less energy. This provides a shorter stopping time and a wider temperature operating range.

As a more lightweight, more powerful, and cheaper option than electricity, hydraulic systems are becoming more and more prevalent in wind technologies across the industry.

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