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Hydrus Tools has developed a line of tools to meet specific needs for control lines that are run in deep water completions. Hydrus Tools can be used in any completion operations where control lines may require: the removal of thermoplastic encapsulation, end preparation for connection fit-up including threaded & coned, straightening, down-hole control line filtration, and griping/clamping for the purpose of handling, tensioning, or securing. Hydrus Tools were originally developed specifically for BP’s Thunder Horse development in the Gulf of Mexico and have been used exclusively and successfully for the 20+ sub-sea completions run to date.

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Hydrus ToolsEncapsulation Stripping Tools


All Hydrus Tools are easy to use, compact and lightweight, durable, HSE-friendly, field proven, easy to maintain and cost effective. These tools also significantly improve quality and safety, while increasing speed and efficiency. Hydrus Tools provide an unprecedented measure of safety and reliability not available anywhere else in the industry.

Tool Lines

  • Speed Clamp Tool
  • Encapsulation Removal Tool
  • Tube Straightening Tool

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