CBD Extraction Systems

Over the past decade, the United States has experienced an explosion in the demand for hemp products. One of the most popular of these products is cannabidiol (CBD oil). It’s the consumable, non-psychoactive chemical found in cannabis. With its many medical uses and relaxed legal restrictions, the demand for CBD continues to grow in America. In addition to the increasing demand, the methods used to extract and process CBD are expanding and improving with the increasing revenue companies are seeing.

To obtain CBD oil, it must be extracted from the cannabis plant. Companies are spending more on research to find the most effective CBD extraction methods. To increase the efficiency of their operations, extraction companies are turning to automation. Companies are developing automated extraction systems specifically designed for the extraction of cannabis. Creating systems that automate the CBD extraction process, allows for repeatability and accuracy which gives these companies an advantage.

Extractors have experienced reliability issues with the older extraction methods and this new way of extracting CBD has created a demand for established pump manufacturers and distributors to bring reliable equipment to the market. Pneumatic and Hydraulic Company and our trusted pump manufacturers can help bring reliability, repeatability, and accuracy to CBD extractors across the market

Air and electric-driven, gas extraction pumps and boosters are becoming popular amongst extractors as vital tools in the extraction process. These pumps utilize gases and liquids like CO2, Ethyl Alcohol Ethanol, and Propane among others to extract the oil. Innovations in high-pressure systems across extraction processes can help to improve efficiencies and safety. Haskel’s new Q-Drive, an electric servo-driven compression system designed to meet the high-pressure demands of supercritical CO2 extraction, provides quiet and efficient compression for maximum uptime and throughput. The Q-Drive gas booster joins a suite of products used in high-pressure systems. Which one is the right fit for your extraction system? Contact us to learn more.

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