Pressure Transducer Data Logger

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Company, a leading supplier of hydrostatic testing equipment, offers a single point self-contained, data acquisition system that records pressure transducer values.

This pressure transducer data logging system is designed to work with any two wire, 4-20mA pressure transducer. Simply attach the wires from your transducer to the provided terminals in the enclosure. To set up your data logger, simply enter the full scale value of your transducer on the setup screen. The data acquisition system will automatically scale the analog signal to display the signal in the correct units. For users who have their transducers calibrated, the operator has the ability to enter the “Zero” and “Span” values from the calibration certificate. Transducer values are recorded at a rate of once per second. The recorded values are then saved into files and written to a USB flash drive.

The pressure transducer data logger is available in 120 VAC and battery operated versions. The 120 VAC system comes with a 20’ 120 VAC power cord. The battery operated system has a built in 5 Amp Hour battery, and will record values for approximately 10 hours. Battery life may vary depending on the characteristics of your transducer. A plug in wall charger is included.

Data Acquisition System Specifications

Power Consumption:
Sampling Rate:
Sensor Type:

Enclosure Rating:
Operating Temp:

Relative Humidity:

Battery Life: Approximately 10 hours
Once per second.
2-wire, 4-20mA pressure transducer
120VAC version – 22 pounds
Battery version – 21 pounds
Vertical Installation; 0-50°C
Horizontal Installation; 0-40°C
5-85% w/o condensation

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