Automated High Pressure Testing Systems, Chambers

Since 1959, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Company has been helping clients find the right solutions for their needs.  Throughout the years, we have seen technology evolve, become more efficient and provide levels of safety never before seen.  We have helped our clients source the right technology to meet their goals and helped them apply it in the real world. Our fully automated high pressure testing systems are no exception.

Customizable High Pressure Test Unit with Endless Capabilities

Our fully automated high pressure test units, or test chambers, are the top-of-the-line pressure testing systems. Operators have the ability to select pre-programmed tests and then run them. Tests will not begin if any safety interlock device is not activated. All functions of the system are controlled automatically. Minimal input is required by the operator, and graphs can also be automatically generated. The capabilities of these systems are endless and fully customizable to your requirements.

High Pressure Test Chamber with Touch Screen Operation

Touch-Screen operated high pressure test chambers offer even more versatility for your pressure testing requirements. You have the option of either a mouse or a touch-screen to operate all components (pumps and valves) of the pressure system.  Touch-screen operated systems can also be upgraded if necessary. All high pressure is contained in the test cell.

Increase Safety with Electro-Pneumatic Pressure Testing System

Our Electro-Pneumatic systems allow for added safety when pressure testing. Lighted switches allow the operator instant recognition of an open or closed valve. Proximity switches can be integrated into the system to completely depressurize the system in the event of personnel entering into the test area. Data acquisition systems and PTZ camera systems are often paired with Electro-Pneumatic systems to remove all pressure from the operator’s control station.

For more information about how we can apply the latest in system automation software to help you achieve your goals, contact us.