Hose Test Rigs

Our hose test rigs allow you to proof test, burst test and cycle test any size hose to ensure safety.  From small hoses used in the automotive industry, to large, miles long umbilical hoses, we can design and build a hose test rig to meet your needs.  All of our hose test rigs include quality, dependable high pressure liquid pumps, gas boosters and other parts from the best brands including Haskel and Butech.

The Host Test Rig shown includes:

  • ATV-4    Fill Pump    4.6:1 ratio   5 GPM at 0 psi fill rate
  • ASF-52  Pressure Pump   57:1 ratio
  • Water inlet filter and shut-off ball valve
  • High pressure check valve with low pressure relief valve to protect the fill pump
  • High pressure outlet check valve
  • Manual high pressure isolation and vent valves
  • 6” dia., 0-6,000 psi outlet pressure gauge
  • Air outlet blow-down manual shut-off ball valve and high pressure check valve for
  • Blowing out the test fluid for the hose(s).
  • Air drive filter
  • Air drive regulator with gauge, relief valve and shut-off ball valve for each pump

All components are mounted and plumbed in an enclosed, stainless steel cabinet, with open back, and tested prior to shipment.  The left side of the cabinet has a sloped front panel containing the valves, regulators and gauges.  Mounted on the side of the control section is the stainless steel test chamber, 60” long x 28” wide x 12” high, for the hoses.  The chamber has gas cylinders for easy opening of the chamber lid.  The lid is hinged, has latches and a small Lexan window.

Available Features

  • Liquid, Gas or Both
  • Fully Integrated PC Control with data Acquisition
  • Test Pressure Capability up to 150,000 psi
  • Single or Multi Station Configurations
  • Fully Enclosed, Trapped Key Safety Interlocked Cabinets
  • Stationary or Portable Units
  • Custom Engineered Solutions for any Application

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