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Fueling the Future with Hydrogen Refueling Station Solutions

Hydrogen is a game-changer in the world of clean transportation. With rapid refueling, long-range capabilities, and zero harmful emissions, hydrogen-powered vehicles provide a sustainable solution for a greener tomorrow. Hydrogen refueling stations play a crucial role in advancing their adoption.

Hydrogen stations can also provide solutions for reliable, efficient high-pressure hydrogen compression, storage, and distribution for applications in various industries.

Hydrogen Stations at Pneumatic and Hydraulic Company

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Company offers the line of Haskel Hydrogen refueling stations including Nano and Nano Pro ‘plug and play’ hydrogen stations and the GENO system range that includes solutions for high-pressure gas compression and filling of tube trailers in addition to standard hydrogen storage and dispensing options.

These high-quality systems provide safe, quick, and efficient hydrogen solutions. If you’re not sure which station will best meet your needs, contact us. Our team will be happy to help you.

The GENO Hydrogen Refueling Stations

The ideal solution for large fleets, Haskel’s highly reliable, high-capacity GENO hydrogen station delivers up to 3,000 kg of hydrogen a day. (A hydrogen powered car carries about 5-6 kg of hydrogen.) Providing fast, T40 350 and 700 bar fueling, the GENO hydrogen station is designed to meet high demand refueling needs with consecutive back-to-back filling.

The standard GENO refueling station is suitable for filling a wide range of hydrogen-powered vehicles, from heavy duty commercial vehicles to light duty passenger cars, construction equipment and material handing vehicles to rail transport, commercial ships to leisure boats.

Hydrogen Compression & Storage, Filling Tube Trailers & More

In addition to refueling vehicles, the GENO hydrogen compression system supports storage, logistics and distribution applications including tube trailer filling. If you’re looking for a way to compress hydrogen and fill tube trailers and manifold cylinder packs for delivery,  a Geno hydrogen station can provide the perfect solution.

GENO Hydrogen Station Features

  • 2,000-3,000 kgs per day compression capability.
  • 350 and 700 bar dual pressure dispensing capability.
  • 20- or 40-foot containerized solutions.
  • Integrated compressed air system for pneumatic valve actuation.
  • Suitable for filling tube trailers with output pressures of up to 1050 bar.
  • 20 – 500 Bar flexible inlet supply pressure range supports various gas inlet sources such as tube trailers, manifold cylinder pack, or an on-site electrolyzer.
  • Easily scales to meet increasing demand.
  • Fully J2601compliant.
  • Installation, maintenance, and service support packages for the life of the system.


Download the data sheet here.

Nano Pro Hydrogen Refueling Station for Small Fleets

Haskel’s standalone Nano Pro is an easy to use, ‘plug and play’ hydrogen filling station with built-in air compression and PLC functionality. Ideally suited for small, low-volume fleets, this self-contained portable station provides a flexible, cost-effective refueling solution for light duty hydrogen fuel cell cars and vans, plus material handling equipment and small-scale demonstration projects.

Nano Pro Station Features

  • Simple ‘Plug and Play’ installation and integration.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Compression capability up to 80kgs per day.
  • 350 bar, 700 bar or dual pressure dispensing.
  • Accepts hydrogen from a variety of sources.
  • Integrated storage for refueling vehicles to 35 MPa in under 10 minutes.
  • 70 MPa top-off in under 45min.
  • Flexible configuration for specific vehicle applications.
  • Complete package: air supply, mass flow metering, PLC control and system monitoring features included.
  • Optional additional external storage for back-to-back filling.
  • Installation, maintenance, and service support packages.




 Nano Small Scale, Portable Hydrogen Filling Station

This compact, pneumatic operated hydrogen filling station offers an efficient, cost-effective solution for small fleet operators with an existing infrastructure where a compressed air supply is readily available. It is an easy to use, ‘plug and play’ portable hydrogen filling station.

Nano Station Features

  • Compact, portable unit.
  • Direct boost or cascade fueling methods.
    • Direct boost at under 3kg/hr.
    • Cascade under 10min to 35MPa.
  • Optional storage to fill hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles to 35 MPa in less than 10 minutes with the option of a 70 MPa top off.
  • Simple mechanical control.
  • Uses existing compressed air supply.
  • Installation, maintenance, and service support package.


Hydrogen Filling Station Design & Installation

We understand every customer is unique. In addition to Haskel’s standard hydrogen refueling stations, you can get a solution customized to meet your specific needs. Contact us now to learn about hydrogen filling station design, build, installation, and maintenance services.

Why Invest in a Hydrogen Refueling Station?

Hydrogen stations and other solutions for compression, storage and transport are pivotal for realizing the potential of hydrogen as a clean energy carrier. These technologies will continue to play a vital role in enabling the widespread adoption of hydrogen across industries and applications, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Investing in a hydrogen refueling station offers companies multiple benefits, including the opportunity to reduce their environmental impact, tap into emerging markets, and demonstrate leadership in sustainability. It can also provide economic benefits through government incentives and energy cost savings, while supporting a cleaner and more resilient energy and transportation system.

Other Haskel Hydrogen Solutions at Pneumatic and Hydraulic Company

In addition to refueling stations, we offer a selection of other Haskel hydrogen compression and transfer systems plus hydrogen compressors, valves, fittings and more for a range of mobility applications. If you have questions about Haskel Hydrogen solutions at Pneumatic and Hydraulic Company or want to get a quote, contact us now.

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