Bootstrap Nitrogen Boosters

Bootstrap Nitrogen Boosters are simple area ratio piston type boosters that automatically reciprocate when gas pressure, up to 150 psi, is applied to the large low pressure drive piston. This piston is directly connected to small high pressure pistons inside the booting sections of both ends of the drive. Each boost section contains integral inlet and outlet check valves thereby producing a pumping action.

Unregulated Nitrogen or Helium from a supply cylinder(s) is directly connected at maximum pressure to the boost sections. Nitrogen to the drive section is regulated to 115- 120 psi by the integral drive control system Wearing parts are low cost elastomers and self lubricating engineering plastics, all available in seal kits, are field replaceable with simple instructions and conventional hand tools. Both units are lightweight, 1-man-portable, weather resistant and operate in any position.

These Bootstrap Pumps, also known as Bootstrap Booster Units, are designed for operators of helicopters and/or small aircraft where a portable self-powered booster is needed for ground support. The primary application is to service the high pressure on-board Nitrogen or Helium bottles on helicopters equipped with emergency inflatable “Pop Type” floats. However, using either model to service other components needing high pressure Nitrogen such as shock struts and precharging hydraulic accumulators is also common.

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