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For nearly 20 + years operators have been cutting their hands and fingers while stripping encapsulated lines, not to mention damaging these lines while trying to remove the tough encapsulated jackets off the lines. It’s a constant, international challenge in the completion market every single day. Not only is this preparation unsafe, it’s often very time consuming and dangerous. During stripping, the field technician/ operator, combined with the product, are in danger of being injured – – the entire process becomes quite cumbersome as well as expensive.

Pneumatic and Hydraulic has invented a line of encapsulation stripping tools that solves most of these challenges, without compromising the open blade regulation offshore: Hydrus Tools – Encapsulation Stripping Tool

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Key Benefits

  • Removes encapsulation without damaging personnel and control lines.
  • Provides easy clean-up.
  • Requires no external power source.
  • Environmentally friendly and safe.
  • Built and designed to be lightweight but robust.
  • Made out of non-sparking materials and anodized for hazardous areas.
  • Enclosed cutting areas promote safe operations that decrease critical path operations and rig time, as well as potential safety hazards.

Hydrus Tools encapsulation stripping tools are safe, reliable method of removing encapsulation material from single and multi-line flat packs. The design of the tool allows for the encapsulation to be removed without damage to the control lines and affords easy clean up after stripping. The tool is a self contained, simple hand operated device that requires no external power source. A simple pull of the tool’s handle is all that is required. Our tool is lightweight, anodized and is constructed of non-sparking materials, allowing its use in most hazardous areas. All cutting areas are enclosed, promoting safe and secure operations that significantly decrease critical path operations and rig time.

Model NumberDescription
PHC-HYD-STRIP-325-1-81/8" T - 0.325 Stripping Tool
PHC-HYD-STRIP-410-1-41/4" T - 0.410 Stripping Tool
PHC-HYD-STRIP-433-1-41/4" T - 0433 Stripping Tool
PHC-HYD-STRIP-1225-560PHC-HYD-STRIP-1225-560 (Umbilical Line)
PHC-HYD-STRIP-480-5-165/16" WR - Stripping Tool
PHC-HYD-STRIP-535-3-83/8" T - 0.535 Stripping Tools
PHC-HYD-STRIP-660-1-21/2" T - 0.660 Stripping Tool
PHC-HYD-STRIP-780-5-85/8" T - 0.780 Stripping Tool
PHC-HYD-STRIP-970-540Dual 3/8" T - Stripping Tool
PHC-HYD-STRIP-990-5353/8" T + 1/4" T - Stripping Tools
PHC-HYD-STRIP-710-410Dual 1/4" T - Stripping Tool
PHC-HYD-STRIP-1035-480(2) 1/4"T + 5/16" WR Stripping Tool
PHC-HYD-STRIP-990-410(3) 1/4" T - Stripping Tool
PHC-HYD-STRIP-CUT-WHEELUpper & Lower Cutting Wheel Set (2) for Hydrus Strippers

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