Allied Witan

Allied Witan Company manufactures industrial noise control devices, mufflers, which promote clean and quiet pneumatic operations. Their complete product lines, including Atomuffler® and Bantam® mufflers and filters, all-metal mufflers and filters, porous metal filter silencers and breather-vent-filters, help promote health and safety in the industrial workplace.

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Allied Witan Noise Control Devices

Product Lines

  • Atomuffler Series
  • Bantam Series
  • Porous Metal Series
  • Micro Miniature Mufflers
  • M64 Mini-Miff Mufflers

Usage Recommendations

Allied Witan Company recommends that all its products be installed and used in an indoor, protected environment where temperatures range between 50-120° F. Should you choose, or if it is necessary, to mount and use Allied Witan Company products outdoors, attention must be given to avoiding freezing and/or icing conditions, and avoiding direct exposure to the elements (rain, snow, sun, wind, etc.)

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