Sheffer Cylinders

Sheffer makes cylinders. Period!

Since 1952, Sheffer Corporation has become a world-leading supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. Sheffer cylinders reflect their philosophy that one-size-fits-all rarely fits anyone. They design their tools to perform a specific job better, longer, and more reliably than any other tool. Sheffer cylinders truly embody their commitment to precision and accuracy in every tool they make.

Sheffer is motivated by the challenge to manufacture high-performance cylinders for a variety of applications. 

Pneumatic Cylinders 

With bores ranging from 3/4″ thru 14″ as catalog standards and larger as custom, with pressure ratings up to 250 PSI, these reliable, long-lasting cylinders bring Sheffer performance anywhere you require linear pneumatic actuators. 

Hydraulic Cylinders 

With quality, reliability, and the ability to handle ultra-high pressure, Sheffer hydraulic cylinders bring numerous advantages to every application, from custom tie-rod cylinders and hydraulic actuators to NFPA cylinders. 

Electronic Positioning Cylinders 

Sheffer manufactures all types of cylinders to meet our customers’ needs, including cylinders with electronic “position feedback” devices — for which they routinely modify our cylinders to accept those various devices. 

Sheffer has earned a reputation for high quality, lasting performance, minimal downtime, and low operating costs. Some of the industries that have benefited from using Sheffer cylinders include aerospace, oil & gas, logging, tunnel boring, and construction.  


  • Longer Lifetime of Service
  • Minimal Downtime
  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Simple and Affordable Repairs
  • More Options Available
  • No Special Tools Required to Make Repairs
  • Lower Operating Cost
  • Industry’s Longest Warranty

Quality Design

  • Studded Rod End
  • Four Full Wrench Flats
  • Removable Rod Gland
  • Separated Rod Bearing
  • Chamfered Tube Ends
  • Slipper Piston Seal and Bearing

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