Schmalz is one of the worldwide leaders in technology for automation, handling and clamping and offers innovative and efficient vacuum solutions. Schmalz products are deployed in widely ranging production processes.

When it comes to automated production processes, Schmalz offers a wide range of individual vacuum components. Vacuum gripper systems, produced as complete, ready-to-connect modular systems, provide for maximum flexibility when used in robotic applications. Vacuum handling systems that are operated manually simplify production processes through easy and efficient handling of workpieces. Vacuum clamping systems offer short set-up times, making the all-round machining of workpieces possible in CNC machining centers as well as in manual machining processes. To complete the offer, Schmalz also provides a range of attractive services, such as designing entire systems.

Product Lines

  • Vacuum Components
  • Ergonomic Vacuum Lifting Systems
  • Vacuum Clamping Systems
  • Vacuum Gripping Systems
  • Vacuum Handing Systems

Industry Solutions

In all areas of automation technology, Schmalz customers benefit from expert systems consulting and groundbreaking, innovative solutions. Schmalz vacuum components include everything they need to develop a fully operational vacuum system.

The wide product range of vacuum components corresponds to the specific requirements of a wide variety of industry sectors.

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