La-Man Corporation has proudly served the compressed air industry for over 30 years. The patented Extractor/Dryer, La-Man’s point-of-use compressed air filter, is a leader in the industry with its quality filtration. Users of the Extractor/Dryer include such names as The Golden Gate Bridge, Thermal Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Tyson Foods, Pepsi Company, and the United States Military.

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La-Man extractor dryer

Product Lines

  • Extractor / Dryer
  • SuperStar Membrane Dryer
  • Refrigerated Extractor / Dryer
  • Pneumatic / Pneuguard Series
  • Drains and Valves
  • LA-MAN-AIR Breathing System

Automotive Products

  • Extractor / Dryer 106FR
  • AMD-035 SuperStar Membrane Dryer
  • Refrigerated Extractor / Dryer
  • SPG103 Pneumatic / Dryer
  • SuperStar .01 Micron Filter
  • LA-MAN-AIR Breathing Air Systems
  • Electronic Drains

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