HPU Refurbishment

Not only does PHC specialize in providing our customers with the best hydraulic systems and parts on the market, but we also specialize in high-quality hydraulic service and repair. Our team of experienced hydraulic technicians recently completed an HPU refurbishment for a plastic recycling and packaging company.

In manufacturing applications that employ hydraulic systems, the HPU (hydraulic power unit) is the core power source. HPUs can generally be used in any application that requires heavy and systematic lifting or other requirements for the repeated use of powerful and directional force. HPU failure halts the functioning of any hydraulic system. In the event of an HPU failure, production is slowed if not stopped altogether which translates into lost revenue, so maintaining their HPU is of vital importance.

With our work in complete HPU refurbishment and repairs, we’ve noticed a common theme. The main cause of HPU failure in many of our customer’ units is water damage. When assessing an HPU for repair, we often see that small amounts of water have found their way inside, causing damage. The water usually enters the hydraulic system either through small traces in the hydraulic fluid or through environmental conditions such as condensation in the environment its running in. There are a number of ways water can find its way into a hydraulic system. Whatever way it does enter, water can cause parts to malfunction and cause rust throughout the hydraulic system especially if it isn’t equipped with stainless steel.

In our most recent repair pictured below, we were approached by a long-time customer who was having trouble with their HPU. They use their HPU to pump plastic throughout their system. Our customer approached us with this repair because the unit was 10 years old and not running as good as it once did. The HPU was starting to rust and the pump on the unit was starting to crack. Our customer wanted us to refurbish and repair the unit to prevent any downtime they’d experience from an unexpected HPU breakdown, halting their production operations.

After a complete evaluation, we determined that, water damage was in fact the culprit. Water entered the system through the cooler and the fuel cap. Once it was in the system, water wreaked havoc on the pumps and the carbon steel tubing throughout the unit. Water started causing the pumps to malfunction, and then rusted the carbon steel tubing. What saved the unit was that we were able to salvage and reuse the original motor and manifold; the two most costly parts of an HPU. Aside from the motor and manifold, we did a complete overhaul of the unit. We refurbished the unit with new Oilgear pumps. We upgraded the carbon steel tubing system with stainless steel that is proven to last longer and resist water damage. With these upgrades and repairs, we had their HPU running like new.

Rather than purchasing a whole new unit for a much higher price tag, we were able to restore this customer’s HPU. By offering this service, we can provide our customers with more, budget friendly options. PHC is proud to be a full-service, one-stop-shop for all your hydraulic needs, ranging from new and used equipment sales to full HPU repairs. Contact us to see how we can help you with your next project.

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