Turn Key Valve Test Package

This custom turn key valve test package was designed for a client who needed to test a part that comprised of five sections.  It includes a number of smaller sub-assemblies to satisfy their multiple test requirements.

The first sub-assembly includes a large stainless steel reservoir with a separate filtration loop with a high flow pump and filter to maintain fluid cleanliness. The high flow pump is used to fill a testing vessel prior testing into which the part being tested is submerged.  The pump is also used to drain the vessel once the test is complete.

The second sub-assembly is a complete manual or remote controllable pump and valve cabinet which generates and controls liquid pressure up to 30,000 psi and/or gas pressure up to 20,000 psi.

The third sub-assembly is a hydraulic reservoir that holds the testing fluid.

The fourth sub-assembly is a valve manifold for pressure distribution to multiple parts or areas of a test part. It includes 5 separate valves that can be controlled remotely to test five sections of a test part either individually or in multiple combinations.

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Complete Turn Key Valve Test Package by Pneumatic and Hydraulic

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