Hydrostatic Test and Gas Charging Cabinet

Usually, a hydrostatic testing cabinet and gas charging cabinet are separate pieces of equipment. However, we had a client who came to us with a special request to combine the two functions into one, space saving piece of equipment. The final dimensions of this system are 12′ long x 3′ deep x 8′ tall.

The gas section of the resulting system can be used for charging and pressurizing devices with nitrogen gas up to 10,000 psi. The liquid section of the system can be used to test pressures up to 30,000 psi.   This combination hydrostatic testing and gas charging system was designed with lifting eyes, fork lift pockets and carters for added portability.  The two main doors are lockable for security while on a job site and are mounted using pin hinges so that they can be removed.  The two lower doors provide access to the pumps in addition to larger maintenance access doors on the back side of the system.  The left side on this system includes storage space for system accessories such as hoses and quick disconnect fittings.

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Hydrostatic Test and Gas Charging Cabinet

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