Down Hole Tool Test System

This custom downhole tool test system was designed to our customers’ exact specifications and includes an HPU, Electronic Control Console and manual test cabinet.  The HPU, or hydraulic power unit, provides hydraulic power to operate seven 2″ bore, 20″ stroke Sheffer hydraulic cylinders that open and close safety chamber doors.  The electronic control console is used by the operator to control the hydraulic cylinders for the doors as well as Bimba pneumatic cylinders that lock those doors.  The pressure test cabinet includes manual valves and pressure gauge for testing the downhole tool or part.

This system can be set up for testing single or multiple sections of a tool to the same or varying pressures. This type of system includes a return fluid line to assure filling of the tool remotely, as well as an optional air blow-down circuit to expedite the fluid removal from the tool once the test is complete. This downhole tool test system can be controlled manually or remotely and test data can also be data-logged and printed out in graph format if desired.

Safety is always a top priority, so included in both the hydraulic power unit, control console and pressure test cabinet are e-stop, emergency shut off, buttons.  If activated, these buttons shut down the system quickly, keeping you and your team safe.

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