Dual Pump Testing Cabinet With Data Acquisition

This dual pump testing cabinet system with data acquisition is a manual pump system for hydro-testing up to 10,000 psi.  All components are contained inside the cabinet for a clean, compact design.  It has the capability to pressurize two separate outlets, each with its own isolation valve and pressure transducer to allow you to test two components simultaneously.  Also included in this system is a return line with sight gauge for closed loop fluid circulation.

This dual pump testing system is set up as a high/low unit with a high volume, low pressure pump to fill the test part and a high pressure, low volume pump to pressurize the test part.

The valves are manual and operated from the front of the cabinet control panel.  The pressure transducers are all wired to digital pressure indicators on top of the control panel.  The pumps have a air regulator for pressure control and are wired to selector switches on top of the control panel for on/off control.

An added feature to this high/low dual pump testing cabinet system with data acquisition is an air blow-down capability plumbed into the lines with an air regulator, isolation valve and safety features such as check valve and relief valve. Also included is a safety beacon light which illuminates when testing is in progress.

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Dual Pump Testing Cabinet with Data Acquisition by Pneumatic and Hydraulic

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