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BuTech check valves are know for their rugged construction which provides assurance of fail-safe operation at pressures up to 100,000 psi (6,900 bar). For operation in temperatures ranging from 0° to 600°F (-18° to 315°C). All Butech check valves have a default cracking pressure of 15 psi.

The ball check valves are ideal when leak tight shut-off is not necessary. This valve uses no elastomers and employs a metal to metal seal. The temperature range for the ball check valve is -420° F to 1200° F (-251° C to 648° C).

The O-ring check valves reliably prevents backflow where leak-tight shutoff off of liquids or gases is required. The standard construction uses a Buna-N o-ring, the O-Ring Check Valve is also available with the following O-rings: Viton, Teflon and Kalrez.
Temperature ranges for the O-Ring Check Valve is:
Buna-N -65° to 250° F (-54° to 121° C)
Viton -40° to 500° F (-40° to 260° C)
Teflon -320° to 400° F (-195O to 204° C)
Kalrez -25° to 550° F (-29° to 288° C)

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