BuTech Needle Valves

Looking for a quality needle valve?  BuTech is the brand we recommend most.

BuTech has a needle valve for just about any application.  They designed their needle valves for liquid and gas flow control in petroleum, chemical, power generating and general industrial applications.

  • Low Pressure Needle Valves – 0° to 600°F (-18° to 315°C), up to 15,000 PSI (1,030 bar)
  • Medium Pressure Needle Valves – -100°F to 600°F (-73°C to 315°C), 20,000 PSI (1,380 bar)
  • High Pressure Needle Valves – -100°F to 600°F (-73°C to 315°C), 150,000 PSI (10,340 bar)
  • Subsea Needle Valves – externally sealed up to 14,000′ (4200 meters)
  • Pipe Needle Valves –
  • Sour Gas Service Needle Valves – 30,000 PSI at 100°F (2070 bar at 38°C)

Available in a variety of body styles, these needle valves are designed for operation at temperatures ranging from -100° to +600°F (-73° to +315°C). Optional packings and/or extended stuffing boxes increase the range to -423° to +1200°F (-253° to +648°C).

*Note: BuTech Pressure Systems does not recommend compression sleeve connections below 0°F (-18°C) or above 650°F (343°C).

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