TRD Actuators: Demanding Requirements of the Timber Industry

Across North America and beyond, there are countless timber processing plants requiring quality and robust machines. Those requirements are due to the high processing rate of the associated machines and the debris from the processes relating to timber applications. A key component in the lumber processing lines are pneumatic cylinders, which can be used in a variety of operations, including:
• Aligning loose boards to create bundles
• Stacking bundles
• Lifting bundles
• Hold-down clamps
• Pushers

Each of these tasks can require hundreds, if not thousands, of cycles per day.

Accompanying the high number of cycles is the amount of throughput, making any downtime and/or component repair very costly. TRD actuators incorporate features to deliver a heavy-duty design as standard to lessen that burden. There are cases where more features are required. TRD offers many performance-enhancing options that can be incorporated as if they were standard, with little-to-no lead time extension. TRD can also incorporate special designs to suit a demanding application.

TRD Benefits:
• Multitudes of enhancements possible
• Heavy-duty design
• Cylinder longevity
• Rapid delivery