Refurbished HPU

One of our local clients called us to look at an old Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) they had in service for 30+ years.   They wanted us to take the unit in and evaluate all of the components and get the unit back up and running.  After evaluating all of the major components including the pump, valves & oil cooler, we determined that all of the components were bad and needed replacement.  We completely tore down the unit, cleaned the tank inside and out. We also cleaned and painted the electric motor and pump/motor adaptor. We applied a fresh coat of paint to the tank.  We replaced the pump with the same model that was previously on the unit.  We replaced the oil cooler.  We also replaced the hydraulic valves on the unit with a more compact and cleaner looking manifold assembly.  We replaced all of the hoses with new hoses and stainless steel tubing.

Components we were able to salvage:

  • 60 Horse Power Electric Motor, we cleaned & painted it
  • Pump/Motor Adaptor, we cleaned & painted it
  • 200 Gallon Tank, we cleaned & painted it

Components we replaced:

  • Nachi Hydraulic Pump
  • Nachi Hydraulic Valves
  • Shell & Tube Style Cooler
  • All Fittings & Valves
  • All Hoses
  • Return Filter Assembly