From Distributor to HPU Builder – In the Name of Customer Service

Since 1959, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Company has been focused on “service beyond all expectations”.  It is this drive to be the best for our customers that lead to the creation of our custom systems department.

For decades, Pneumatic and Hydraulic had been a distributor of cylinders, pumps, valves and other components used to build Hydraulic Power Units, or HPU.  When client after client came to us asking if we could build them an HPU, our “service beyond all expectations” mantra said “Yes we can”.

We took a long hard look at the industry and found that there just weren’t many quality HPU builders out there, and more importantly, there was a lack of customer service oriented HPU builders. A common complaint we heard was a lack of customer support and service after the sale, both things we excel at, so we got to work.

We hired an hydraulic specialist with 35 years of experience to work alongside our high pressure systems engineer to design, quote and build HPU’s.  Since then, we have grown to where we now build between 10-20 HPU’s per month that vary in size, flow rates and pressure ranges.  Many of the units we build are custom because, after all, giving your clients exactly what they need is how you exceed expectations.

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Explosion Proof HPU by Pneumatic and Hydraulic