3 Reasons Why We Love Hetronic’s Radio Remote Controls

3 Reasons Why We Love Hetronic’s Radio Remote Controls

Hetronic’s Radio Remote Controls are improving safety in the oil and gas industry. Oil and gas exploration offers unique challenges to operations personnel and used to be a very risky and sometimes even dangerous job. In the early years, multiple deckhands would be on the deck floor in harm’s way, working in close proximity to valves that were not explosion-proof. With incredible advancements after decades of experience, the job has become much safer and the amount of necessary personnel has been reduced thanks to new routine drilling procedures and streamlined operations. Even though the risk and job difficulty has been minimized, companies are continuously innovating and simplifying operations. Some of the more recent innovations taking the industry by storm are radio remote controls and electronic valve controls. These innovations are helping take job site safety to the next level.

Hetronic Remote Control NovaNG_24Whether you are operating iron roughnecks, tong controls, cement head pumps, or maneuvering a rotary table, Hetronic’s line of Radio Remote Control Systems is a safe solution for hazardous area operation. For over 30 years, Hetronic has provided the safest, most reliable and rugged controls that meet the highest safety standards with field-proven reliability. Hetronic‘s Radio Remote Control Systems are designed for applications ranging from cranes, mining, oil & gas construction, utility, water cannons, and winches to name a few. These control systems allow the operator to be a safe distance from equipment and out of hazardous areas while still providing optimal control of the equipment.

Here’s what we love about Hetronic’s Radio Remote Control Systems:

  1. Real-Time Data Retrieval

Our oil and gas service company clients rely on real-time data to meet their timelines and operate at a profit. Hetronic’s innovations in Radio Remote Control Systems provide accurate transmission and receipt of data at the operator console in real-time.

  1. Human-Machine Interface Sensor Technology

In a nutshell, this means that the operator can easily control and monitor electronic valves with an easy-to-read display and control panel interface on the Hetronic Remote Control system. The system gives numerical data for pressure and can be equipped with video feedback and monitoring of the valve activity.

  1. Class I Division I Explosion-Proof Rating

Safety will always be the number one issue when it comes to oil and gas exploration. Completing a job without any accidents has become the main priority for every company especially after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. When using the Hetronic Remote Control system on your deck floor, you can breathe easy knowing that not only do you have control of your valves, but your job site is protected by Class I Division I rated explosion-proof equipment.

Regardless of the application, if remote controls are necessary, Hetronic is the go-to brand for Pneumatic and Hydraulic Company due to their user-friendly interface, real-time data retrieval, and explosion proof rating. Contact us for more information.