Why Facility Managers Love HAWE’s Wireless Valve?

Why Facility Managers Love HAWE’s Wireless Valve?

Regardless of the industry, Facility Managers everywhere are constantly trying to find ways to make their operations safer without spending more time or losing quality and efficiency.

One industry focused on safety and efficiency is the oil and gas industry. Oil and gas companies everywhere work daily on increasing both their safety measures and efficiency rates. This was an industry where decades ago roughnecks were working hands-on with dangerous valves and oil wells. Now, the industry has become reliant on computers and automation to reduce the amount of risk and danger involved immensely. Though risk has been reduced, that doesn’t mean companies aren’t working to minimize the remaining risk even more. HAWE is one company that is pushing technology forward to help oil and gas companies become more safe and efficient.

HAWE’s new advancements in valve controls are helping oil and gas companies address safety issues while boosting efficiency. In every segment of the oil and gas industry, valves are an integral part of the process whether controlling the flow of pressure throughout a system or used in powering pneumatic and hydraulic equipment. Many times, these valves are located in decentralized locations that are difficult and sometimes even dangerous to reach. One example would be a valve installed in a difficult to reach, control panel on a crane boom or hidden in machine housing. A new approach to safety that service companies are exploring is being able to eliminate the need to put operators in these areas altogether. How do they do this? With electronic Bluetooth valve control.

HAWE Hydraulik’s type EV2S electronic plug amplifier, with integrated Bluetooth interface, provides initial set-up and parameter setting of hydraulic controls. Operation is done via CANbus or analog input, requiring a wired connection. The EV2S can be used for all electronic proportional controls on directional valves, pressure valves, or pump controllers. It is designed for a DIN plug and mounted directly onto the solenoid valve, like any other plug connector.

The HAWE eControl app controls the wireless plug amplifier. It allows you to easily adjust individual machine functions with a user-friendly interface. The app has real-time functions monitoring things like supply voltage, device temperature, and output current at the coil. The information is displayed in a simple-to-understand graphic format, allowing the user to visualize and evaluate output signals. As an added convenience, the eControl app’s continuous monitoring gives more capability for real-time troubleshooting without having to continuously enter the installation location.

The app allows users to set and save valve parameters for consistent and repeated operations. Valve parameters can then be duplicated for any other EV2S valves within 130 feet. Firmware for the wireless valves can be downloaded and implemented directly from the app keeping the valve continuously functioning and up-to-date without having to reach for a valve that may be in a hard to access area.

This amplifier plug can be used in multiple applications ranging from machine tool companies all the way to pipe cleaning companies. Though Bluetooth is not a new technology, the application of wirelessly parameterized valves and pump controllers is an advancement in valve and pump technology that dynamically changes project operations from the perspectives of safety and efficiency.

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