Testing Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are used in many different applications both large and small. From the trunk door on your SUV to large industrial cranes and everything in between, hydraulic cylinders are designed to make things move.  Most hydraulic machines use some sort of incompressible fluid, a fluid that is at its maximum density such as oil or hydraulic fluid. In a simple hydraulic system, when a piston pushes down on the oil, the oil transmits all of the original force to another piston, which is driven up. This force can be applied to open valves, move the arms of excavating equipment, or to extend the boom on a 100’ tall crane.

Hydraulic Cylinder Test BenchAs you can imagine, the larger the application of hydraulic pressure, the more important it becomes that the parts run efficiently and safely. For example, large cranes are charged with lifting and moving large, heavy objects such as multi-ton bridge beams or heavy machinery. Being able to rely on your hydraulic cylinders is paramount to the safety of such projects. Regardless of your application, routinely testing your hydraulic cylinders ensures their performance and helps extend their operable life. Pneumatic and Hydraulic has worked hand-in-hand with numerous companies to provide hydraulic cylinders as well as hydraulic testing equipment needed for the unique application of hydraulics on each project.

While most companies outsource the testing of hydraulics to service companies, performing in-house tests on hydraulic parts can save time and increase productivity. Our team of hydraulic specialists can design and build a hydraulic cylinder testing system to meet your company’s exact needs.

Hydraulic Cylinder Test BenchRecently, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Company manufactured a hydraulic cylinder test system for one of the largest crane companies in the United States. Our customer wanted to save money and time by testing the hydraulic cylinders used on their cranes at their own facilities rather than shipping them off to be tested. This system was made up of a hydraulic power unit used to pressurize hydraulic fluid to simulate the hydraulic pressure that would be used to power the cylinders as they would be on the crane truck. Two 100-foot long test benches were built for the customer to be able to test hydraulic cylinders up to 100 feet in length. With this system, our customer was able to minimize expenses as well as improve the timeline of their projects by cutting out the extra time and money spent transporting such large hydraulic parts to be tested off-site. The utilization of on-site hydraulic testing ensures a company peace of mind allowing them to test their own hydraulic parts as well as cutting outsourcing costs.

For more information about these projects or to find out how we can help your company save time and money on projects, please contact our hydraulic specialists today.