Sanitizing Facilities Before Reopening

After 2 months of quarantine and social distancing procedures in place, much of the U.S. will begin to slowly reopen places that hold larger crowds of people in a phased-out reopening plan. With Phase 1 on the horizon for many states, it’s critical that businesses work hard to meet sanitary guidelines for the safety of patrons and staff when planning their reopening.

In Phase 1, most facilities will be allowed to open, but at less than 100 percent capacity and will have extra sanitary practices put in place to keep facilities disinfected. With these extra sanitary practices, facilities will need to be able to sanitize areas for the safety of employees and customers. It’s important to know that you’re using the right disinfectant to meet the new safety standards. The EPA has put out a list of disinfectants that are suitable for sanitizing and disinfecting large public areas to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The list also gives “contact time” which is the amount of time the surface will be visibly wet.

For larger facilities, sanitizing large areas can be difficult, tedious, and take much longer without the proper sanitizing equipment. PHC is here to equip you and your facility with the proper equipment to disinfect your facility efficiently and correctly. PHC offers Graco’s SaniSpray HP products to help you sanitize your facility. Graco’s SaniSpray line has been designed to deliver consistent disinfectant coverage without heavy drips and runs. This works to achieve specified disinfectant dwell times. Graco’s SaniSpray solutions include innovative, patented technologies to deliver the highest productivity on all your cleaning jobs small or large.

Graco SaniSpray HP line of disinfectant sprayersThe sprayer can also be used to fog large areas with disinfectant solutions. The fogging feature works great in place of hand wiping individual surfaces. Whether you need to treat a small room or an entire warehouse, there is a SaniSpray HP model with the performance to take on the task. The Sanispray line is perfect for a variety of businesses from facilities sanitizing large shop work areas for employees to gyms fogging their facilities several times a day to ensure sanitization standards for patrons.

Safety and sanitization are by far the most important factors in the reopening of businesses. The U.S. wants to restore its economy to bring back normalcy and stability to everyone, but we must do it safely to also protect the health of everyone.

For any small or large business planning its re-opening, PHC is here to help equip you with the necessary equipment to bring your business back while following the required sanitation procedures. Contact a sales rep at PHC to learn more about Graco’s Sanispray.