Proportional Pinch Valves in an Ever-Changing Market

Across a variety of markets and industries, maintaining the integrity of the fluid or media passing through non-contact technology is a driving factor in choosing proportional pinch valves. As technologies evolve, we see more and more applications that require increasingly demanding performances that are not achievable with conventional pneumatic or solenoid pinch valves; there is a demand for proportional controls in order to regulate and monitor processes with greater accuracy, speed, and delivery. Regulation of the fluid or media is necessary and can be limited to seBimba Proportional Pinch Valvesveral factors, including flow, net volume, temperature, positive or negative pressure, and viscosity.

Filtration and dispensing applications benefit immensely from proportional pinch valves. Filtration is a method used to separate particles from a fluid. Filters require precise regulation of flow, along with monitoring positive and negative pressure at the membrane as the process occurs. Material build-up as the filter does its job means that increased flow or pressure may be needed in order to maximize the filters usefulness to a maximum point.

For instances when dispensing, an accurate total volume is desired. A 1L bottle may start out at a high filling rate until it is 80% filled, and the last 20% runs at a reduced flow to ensure that when stopped, an accurate and repeatable amount is dispensed. All this can be achieved with Bimba | Acro’s new PR900-Series Proportional Pinch Valve (PPV), which will accommodate tube sizes from 0.063″ to 1.625″ O.D.

As a leader in the pinch valve industry, Bimba | Acro carries a full spread of pinch valves, including solenoid, pneumatically actuated, and in 2018 we will launch our complete proportional pinch valve line, Pneumatic and Electric controlled.

Proportional Pinch Valves Applications:

• Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) in Bio-Processing
• Medical devices (dispensing)
• Pharmaceutical process skids
• Medical instruments
• Food and beverage dispensing
• Automated filling systems
• Paint dispensing
• Epoxy dispensing equipment

For additional information on Bimba | Acro’s Proportional Pinch Valves (PPV) line, please contact us.