Maximize Cylinder Life with Adjustable Air Cushions

Cylinders with air cushions provide a possible solution to destructive energies. The air cushion traps a small amount of exhaust air at the end of stroke, providing an air pocket that decelerates the load. This reduces the potentially damaging energy being transmitted to the cylinder and other components. The adjustability of cushion cylinders allows you to choose the right amount of cushion for your application.

To see if cushions can provide the energy absorption required for your application, follow these simple steps:

  1. Determine the load to be stopped by the cylinder.
  2. Determine the velocity at which the load impacts the cylinder end cap.
  3. Calculate the energy the cylinder generates. Use the following equation:

energy (e) = ( w x v2) + (p x k)
w = weight of the load (lbs)
V = velocity of the cylinder as the piston
impacts the endcap (feet per second)
p = driving pressure (PSI)
k = bore constant

Example: C-316-D Original Line® Cylinder at 80 PSI with total load of 8lbs
driving pressure (p) = 80 PSI
total load (w) = 8lbs
bore constant (k) = .24
maximum velocity (v) = 6 fps
= (8/64) x (62) + (80 x .24) = 23.7 ft-lbs

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