Hydraulic Systems for Yachts? Yes, We Do That Too.

Hydraulics power more things than people understand. Hydraulic power is such a versatile form of power used in a multitude of environments. One of those unexpected environments you can find hydraulic power is in the hydraulic systems for yachts.

Hydraulic Systems for Yachts

With yachts getting bigger in design and adding more features, the role of hydraulics on yachts has become even more vital. Hydraulics are actually responsible for some of the most impressive features seen on superyachts. Many expert yacht builders know that hydraulics are the most reliable way of powering the many functions of a yacht.

Recently, PHC was able to put our hydraulic expertise to the test. We were presented with the initial plans for a yacht and the task of designing and installing a hydraulic tubing system to power components of the yacht. After PHC service technician, Shayne Reinholt, worked with the drawings, he was able to design a stainless steel hydraulic tubing system for the yacht. The tubing system would connect the main hydraulic power unit to the different components in need of hydraulic power throughout the yacht. Some components that the tubing would be powering included the hydraulic windlass, the hydraulic cylinders for trim tabs, the steering system, hydraulic plank, and hydraulic cranes just to name a few. 

Marine Hydraulic System Installation

Once our team had the tubing system designed, we were prepared to start work on the yacht. Running hydraulic tubing lines on a yacht that is still under construction is not an easy task. There were still a lot of people working on the boat every day trying to finish their part of the job. So, our technicians were working in tight quarters. This made it tough to get exact measurements and install the tubing. There were multiple times when constructing the design and installing the system where we had to rerun lines to get them out of the way of electrical panels or wiring, but our technicians, Shayne Reinholt, and Korey Gonzalez took the changes in stride and still did a great job with the tubing system.

Even with the tough conditions, we were able to successfully complete the project. When we finished installing the tubing system, we had installed over 3000 feet of tubing on the yacht using custom fabricated brackets and tubing clamps to secure the tubing. Some of the products and brands we used on the system were:

  • DMIC SS ball valves
  • Parker Hydraulic Hose
  • Brennan
  • Hamlet
  • Tompkins

The installation of the tubing system is finished, but we are currently still waiting to perform pressure tests, hot oil flushes, and purges on all of the lines in the yacht before we are completely done. This will happen around the middle of July 2019. To learn more about our marine hydraulic solutions and capabilities, contact our hydraulic experts today.