Load Rating Improvement of Bimba’s High Pressure Hydraulic (HH) Series

HIGH PRESSURE HYDRAULIC HH SERIES LOAD RATING IMPROVEMENTLongevity and repeatability are important qualities for any cylinder, especially in the most demanding applications. Harsh environments, heavy loads, and rough applications put a strain on even the strongest cylinders, and users are always looking for a better solution to save them time, money, and effort.

High Pressure Hydraulic (HH) series mounts now have an enhanced load rating, ensuring our best foot forward against the competition. By making higher load ratings standard, the Bimba│TRD HH series can better withstand the toughest and harshest applications. This enhancement authorizes all bore sizes going forward to function at their highest available pressure rating.


  • High-strength steel vs. regular carbon steel
  • Affects seven of the 18 NFPA mounts in the
    4″- 8″ bore range


  • No added cost to the customer
  • Does not affect the 2-3 day delivery schedule

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