Customized Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

customized hydraulic power unit HPUThis customized hydraulic power unit ( HPU) features a 40 gallon reservoir . a 20HP 480 3ph. Motor and is capable of 13gpm at 3000PSI.

This unit was built for a customer who needed it to use in push and pull testing of both new and refurbished fracking pup joints. Pup joints are used in the oil field to adjust the overall length of the drill string to land at a specific depth whilst staying within the working area of the kelly valve.

Our client had a special request.  They needed us to modify the HPU design so that the operator could stand while using the HPU during testing. The sound the test makes is very important. A trained operator can, at times, predict a failure based on certain sounds coming from the push or pull of the pipe. Therefore the operator needs to be at a safe distance from the test, yet still close enough to hear the testing and be able to react and shut down the test when necessary before a failure.

 To achieve this, we designed the HPU with upright controls and a computer station at a standing height. This design allows the operator to input data in real time throughout each test with minimal movement and control the test simultaneously.

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