TRD Manufacturing

Bimba’s TRD Division manufactures cylinders that are renowned for their durability, high-quality construction and long-lasting performance. TRD maintains an industry leading delivery schedule – standard delivery in 2-3 days. Every cylinder is proudly made to order in the USA with the highest quality components, and all product lines have a wide variety of options and modifications available.

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Product Lines

  • TA Standard NFPA Cylinders
  • FM Flush Mount Cylinders
  • TD Touch Duty Cylinders
  • TRA Triple Rod Cylinders
  • MS Multi-Stage Cylinders
  • 3 Position Cylinders
  • Tandem Cylinders
  • Back to Back Cylinders
  • Air Intensifier
  • Stainless Steel Cylinders
  • More…


  • Non-Rotating
  • Hollow Center
  • Adjustable Stroke
  • Custom Mounting
  • Rod Ends
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Special Options

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