Peter Paul Electronics

Peter Paul Electronics is a premier manufacturer of solenoid valves including 2-way normally open, 2-way normally closed, 3-way normally closed atmosphere exhaust, 3-way normally closed with piped exhaust, 3-way normally open, 3-way directional control, 3-way multi-purpose, high flow, explosion proof, miniature explosion proof, high pressure, low pressure, low watt, magnetic latching, manifolds, operators, plastic, safety, stainless steel and mini valves. Peter Paul Electronics offers thousands of possibilities from solenoid valves that operate with power as low as 1/2 watt to pressure as high as 3000 psi.

What is a Solenoid Valve?

A valve which is opened by a plunger whose movement is controlled by an electrically energized coil. The valve may be closed by the action of a spring, by gravity or by an electrically energized coil.

Why Buy a Peter Paul Valve?

The reason to purchase a Peter Paul Valve for your application is simple: QUALITY. A Peter Paul Valve is better than any valve on the market, with longevity, bubble tightness, smooth flow and quality you can trust.

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