CEJN offers quick connect couplings, accessories and solutions for compressed air, hydraulics, fluids, and gas, with a focus on ultra high-pressure hydraulics and custom made hose assemblies capable of handling up to 43,500 PSI.

In 1955, Carl Erik Josef Nyberg (C.E.J.N.) designed and patented a revolutionary quick connect coupling that overcame many of the shortcomings of previous designs. It dramatically simplified handling and provided reliable, efficient connections.

Following World War II, compressed air was increasingly used as an energy source for pneumatic tools and equipment. Leaking and inefficient couplings were a common problem.  CEJN solved this problem with a new coupling design that was patented in  1955. Their new product became the basis for a large part of CEJN’s modern range of products as well as the starting point for their global growth. Today, their product lines range from compressed air, breathing air, hydraulic oil and fluids.

CEJN stainless steel couplings, Series 116

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